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WEEK 11 Power Rankings

Ok ok. I know it has been a while, but I am going to make excuses. I have been "working on developing a new algorithm to more accurately represent the Power Rankings". By that, I mean I have spent the past 2 hours tonight punching stats into a spreadsheet to make my life ranking a lot easier. If anything, I blame the new puppy for this not being done sooner. The new algorithm takes into account an average of where a driver has qualified, finished, and run on average during the race. I am making sure only drivers who could currently qualify for the playoffs (60% Start Rate) are considered in order to not let part timers fluff themselves up. It may have taken a while, but it is here now, so take or leave it. (PS, I am considering this a new start because I don't feel like looking up the last one, so Previous Week Rankings do not exist in this version of the universe) 1. Eric Schaffer Eric has been the class of the field so far this season, never straying too far from the front. The Busch Beer/Reaper Camaro has helped carry his DBR teammates, and he proven why he has always been so feared in this car. 2. Lawson Peel Overall, Lawson could be argued as #1 based on pure talent. But, a speeding penalty at Vegas and a rogue Dollar General Mustang at Michigan has put him slightly behind his teammate. DBR is begining to assert dominance, and between Peel and Schaffer, might be making a statement for housing this season's Champion. 3. Ethan Fonseca Moreno The rookie driver out of the BBR stable has been a pleasant surprise this season. Barring a wrecks at the two superspeedways and the wall monster at Atlanta, Moreno hasn't finished outside the Top 10. He is in a tight battle with his BBR teammate in not only the Rookie of the Year race, but in the Power Rankings. 4. Luke Knupp

We started off the rankings with two DBR veterans, and we immediately follow it up with two BBR Rookies. The two teams are fighting each other hard for the Team Championship, and all four of these drivers are making a case to be clear contenders for the title. 5. AJ Green I don't know how, but I guess the Hannukah fairy has graced Green with some magic. AJ's race at Atlanta almost looked over after hard contact with the wall, but by the power of Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg, the BEEF Toyota sustained what looked to be no damage, and Green rallied to a solid finish. If AJ keeps his car clean, he will stay here. But as soon as I figure out how to incorporated Rage Quits into the algorithm, we might not hear from him for a while. 6. Brandon Banks I haven't honestly seen Banks on track since the first three races of the season. Probably because I don't run well enough to keep up with him. He has managed to keep his stranglehold on Talladega alive, and has consistently been up front and out of trouble. Look for Banksy to be a threat as the season goes on. 7. Kyle Benson Yuck. Haven't to wait until 7 to have a driver from my own team on the rankings hurts my soul. But it is well deserved for Benson, who has been the top MRMS Mustang all season. He had a shot for a win at Michigan, but a second GWC put him in the blender. If you're looking for cheap housing and can run up front, you can live in this man's head rent free. If he can finish out some of his fantastic runs, Benson's name may be called at season's end. 8. Trevor Haley Dear Mr. Haley, I know you run a Ford, and you run it well. We are currently recruitting for MRMS 2, and you wouldn't even have to change manufactures. In all seriousness though, if it wasn't for Knupp and Fonseca Moreno, Haley would run away with the Rookie of the Year. A little known driver during the preseason, Trevor has been giving everyone a reason to know the name. Expect a win or possibly two from the driver of the 4 car by seasons end. 9. Colin Forrester The Dream Machine has carried Forrester to some amazing runs. His points may not reflect his racing prowess after he missed a few races, but at this pace he will easily be in the top 12 by the time the regular season ends. Worst case scenario, he is known to be able to win, and will more than likely be able to snag a wildcard. 10. TJ Burske Burske could easily be a top 5 driver on the rankings. He consistently seems to dominate, but then gets caught up in something silly and calls it a day. TJ has 9 starts, 2 of which he won, 2 more top 15's, and 5 DNFs. If he can keep himself out of trouble, he will climb up the rankings. 11-20:

11. Jayden Porter 12. Jesse Pries 13. Adam Aleshire 14. Craig Lautenslager 15. Ryan Pandiscio 16. Tyler Murray

17. Tony Kivett 18. Wyatt Brackett 19. Lance Hill 20. Kevin Delia

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