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Hello, everyone. Its the other guy who should have taken more care of the post-race recaps. Now, I know what your gonna say. "But Kyle, why are you writing an article when you have not made one in over 10 races?" Well little Timmy, I decided to embrace my inner Yinzer and make a Haters Guide to the 4 Wide Playoffs. So strap in and enjoy because this is pretty much a recap of what happened this year.

  1. Lawson Peel

So, same shit different year. Blah Blah Blah. This dude is scary good. A league leading 4 wins. Some people hoped he fell off a little bit with a new car (including yours truly). But Lawson regained his dominance. Can he become a 2-time WEDNESDAY 4 Wide Series Champion? Or will Schaffer wreck him.

2. Ethan Fonseca Moreno

Now this is interesting. Seemingly the only man to take Mr. Orange Peel to his limit. The Microwave Man EFR (too lazy to spell your full name) has been fast all year long. Dumbass had to change is number and car half way through the year but the ol Microwave has held up this year with 2 wins and a recently broken Top 10 streak that started at Watkins Glen. If he can tell momma to unplug the microwave for 9 races, he might be the 2nd rookie to ever hoist the 4 Wide Cup.

3.Eric Schaffer

Wow, the guy who wanted these cars as bad as a Jack and Coke is good in these cars. Who would have thunk it. Anyway, ol Schafter has been fast and has played second fiddle to Peel all year. A win at Michigan and a shit stomping of the field at IRP. Got some small tracks in the Playoffs, ol boy might have a shot here.

4. Brandon Banks

Banksy, what happened at Talladega dawg. WE CAME IN YO SPOT AND TRASHED IT. With all that a side. Banksy has been quiet. A win at Banksadega has been his highlight and also a funny little spinarooni that could rival prime Booker T at Indy that screwed my strategy up. Thanks Dick. But we have all been through this song and dance before. See you at Homestead man.

5. Craig Lautenslager

The Llama Slaughter has been a big surprises this year. A win at Darlington but the kicker is that he keeps getting caught in other shit. Jesse. But other than that. The Texan has been a consistent threat in the Top 10 and promptly carried the MRMS crew this year. Yay!

6. Tyler Murray

Ummm. Well... Yea..... TYLER BY GOD MURRAY IN THE PLAYOFFS. THIS FLYING SUMBITCH CAME INTO DEGA AND PUT HIS FAT NUTS ON THE TABLE AND WON THE SUMBITCH. Anyway Tyler said to keep it honest so. Just go fast and turn left my friend.

7. Adam Aleshire

A win at Daytona got himself in the Playoffs by taking the first wildcard spot. Been a quiet year for the driver of the 91. He's fast at the bigger tracks but just don't tell him about saving tire. UNOH is better btw.

8. Kyle Benson

Yea I can't really comment on my year. A missed race and 3 DNFs don't help my cause going into the Playoffs. But we are gonna give her hell or be in the beer line in turn 4.

9. AJ Green

I swear to god if you come into the Playoffs with a monstrosity I will personally fence you. Other than the puke that is on my screen every Wednesday. The Season 3 Champion has had a down year. I do not know what higher being you pissed off but it wants its dreidel back.

10. Trevor Haley

I'll tell you what Mr. Haley. That first win is coming my friend. That 4 car has been in contention to win on multiple occasions. But it hasn't shaped up the way he has wanted. A fresh start in the playoffs might be all he needs.

11. Ryan Pandiscio

Ol Ryan Panicatthedisco. Ryan has shown speed at some tracks but also missed it too. Another guy who needs a fresh start into the Playoffs. Rookies have prospered in the Playoffs in our history, can Panicatthedisco capture some magic?

12. Luke Knupp

You broke our playoff system because you didn't show up for races. Good Job buddy. Now we have a 2013 Spingate on our hands. Maybe if you didn't do jumpy trucks and showed up this wouldn't have happened. But 2 Wins and an All-Star win isn't nothing to scoff at I'll give you that.

13. Jayden Porter

I won't lie, I completely forgot about you and that's why your so low. Kind of like your Championship defense. The Defending Champ Jayden Porter has been a consistent threat up front and was one tire cycle away at Indianapolis to get his first win of the year. Can the Season 5 Champ hold up in the Playoffs and win back to back?

14. Patrick Thomson

If a race ever ends up in fuel strategy. Patrick is the first guy to pull out the TI-84. It almost worked at Darlington. If he can get the strategy right once. He will be a winner

15. Michael Newbraugh

I would say something like "yOu DoNt dEsErVe tO bE hErE" but I am not an asshole. Mr. Newbraugh was the beneficiary of our donegoofin. So I hope you prove that you belong here and win a race or two. Just to rub it in. Also you owe us a beer even THOUGH WE SHOULDNT HAVE BEEN IN THIS SITUATION.

Well. That was that. I dont know how to write this off so basically my pick is: Eric Schaffer

But the real winner is everyone that showed up every week. I know I only showed the playoff drivers but every driver makes this league go and we are beyond glad to see it. So lets put together and make this the Best4WideEver.

(p.s. im a 2 time champ, tyler just cant get over it)

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