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WEEK 12 Power Rankings

Wow, 2 weeks in a row. The algorithm is really looking like it is going to work. Just a matter of if I decide to type on any given night. Either way, here are your Week 12 Power Rankings as we head into the All-Star break. 1. Eric Schaffer - No Change Eric still stands tall atop not only the regular season standings, but the Power Rankings. Teammate Lawson Peel is making a charge for the top spot in both, but for now, Schaffer remains in charge. 2. Lawson Peel - No Change I couldn't imagine the nightmares Lawson must have at night when he thinks about Schaffer being better than him. He claims he isn't good in this car, but that sounds like excuses. Can he catch Schaffer? Find out in like 3 weeks when we return to points racing. 3. Ethan Fonseca Moreno - No Change Good ol' three name. Still sitting here in P3, but looking to join in the fun on top of the rankings. With the season he is having, the only thing I can think Ethan would want is a longer windshield banner. 4. Luke Knupp - No Change He kept wrecking me in practice. Scared the shit out of me. Knupp was wicked fast at Watkins Glen, and just appeared out of nowhere, like spooky ghost. He is closing in on the top 3, and rounds out what I feel is the Power 4 of 4WR. 5. AJ Green - No Change Somebody do something about this. Happy Hannukah Alexander Jermicheal. Hope you get all the driedels you ask for. 6. Kyle Benson - Gained 1

We are still looking for new knees for this kid. We think he might be able to close out a race or two if he finds one. Please contact 4 Wide Support if you are willing to donate. 7. Brandon Banks - Lost 1

I think the Reese's car is an elaborate method to make other drivers lose focus, and get hungry. I feel like Banks can close out races better than any, and always seems to slither in to the top 5. He is slick like Reese's Peanut Butter, and chocolatey like chocolate, whatever that means. 8. Jayden Porter - Gained 3

Porter managed to be this week's biggest gainer after being in 7th place for the entire race. He isn't allowed to talk to me if he messes with the mojo of the Steelers 3rd quarterback by picking him up in fantasy. Don't do it Jayden. LEave Mason Rudolph alone. The Browns did enough to him. 9. Colin Forrester - No Change After missing the first few weeks, Forrester is reminding everyone who he is. He hasn't quite been able to recapture his rookie season magic, but if feels like magic will strike any week for the wizard in the Aaron's Dream Machine. 10. Trevor Haley - Lost 2

Road Courses can bite, and they took a chunk out of Trevors Power Ranking. Either way, there is only two on the schedule, and I think Haley can easily recover from a "down" week by his standards. Bring back the Polar Bear car. It is good luck. 11-20: 11. TJ Burske - Lost 1

12. Adam Aleshire - Gained 1

13. Jesse Pries - Lost 1

14. Ryan Pandiscio - Gained 1

15. Craig Lautenslager - Lost 1

16. Tony Kivett - Gained 1

17. Tyler Murray - Lost 1

18. Lance Hill - Gained 1

19. Wyatt Brackett - Lost 1

20. Kevin Delia - No Change

11-20 look like chrimmy.

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