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Vizzutti gets the Lobsters!

A very small field showed up tonight at New Hampshire, but the racing was full of excitement. Nick Vizzutti and Kyle Benson dominated the early race. Cars were extremely loose coming off the corner, and that really played into strategy as no green flag stops were required for fuel at any point tonight. The fresh air out front really benefited the leader, as all night whoever wound up out front would take off. Tyler Murray and Craig Lautenslager were in the mix all night long, and after some incidents and strategy played out Murray found himself in the lead towards the end, trying to hold off the dominate cars of Vizzutti and Benson. With about 10 to go in the scheduled race, Murray looped it into the wall as Jay Gimbel spun on the front stretch, and the caution flag restacked the field. The drivers were able to get the race completed on the 3rd GWC attempt, and Vizzutti pulled out victorious!

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