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The Broom comes out for Reedy!

History has been made for the second day in a row in the 4 Wide Racing League. Last night was the closest finish in the league's history, and tonight is the largest field, with 41 drivers making the grid. And there was one thing in common... the #11 car crossed the checkered flag first.

It was a race of learning, as the league had it's first race in the Next Gen cars. It started out pretty smooth, with Reedy keeping his car up front for 39 out of the 102 circuits. The only other drivers to lead double digit laps were #71 Curtis Kelly, #24 Jovi Ray, #93 Cody Kinsey, and #38 Lance Hill. Hill was able to lead his laps over the halfway mark, claiming the 5 bonus points and 1 playoff point for doing so. #48 AJ Green crossed halfway second, #2 Austin Bloome was third, #4 Adam Aleshire was fourth, and #93 Cody Kinsey rounded out the top 5. Full race results are available under the "Cup Series" tab on the website. Race Replay:

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