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Roell sneaks one at Daytona

The season kicked off for the Truck Series tonight at Daytona! #8 Tyler Murray grabbed the first pole of the season, and early on looked like the truck to beat. Cautions plagued the race early, and there was some huge incidents. Multiple trucks spent the majority of the race with damage, and at the end it came down to almost a 30 lap green flag run. The bigFASS Racing trucks of #11 Austin Reedy, #79 Ryan Steenbakkers, and #8 Tyler Murray went to duke it out with the #19 Jake Roell, #88 James Holtzer, #13 Craig Lautenslager, and the lapped truck of #12 Jay Gimbel. After slight contact took out Reedy and Lautenslager from the mix, the 79 and 8 hooked up and looked to make a run off of turn 4 on the 88 and 19. The 88 threw a block and the 8 hooked him, and Jake Roell pulled out with the win here in the first race. Final results are posted.


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