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I want to start off by apologizing for skipping a few weeks. Life has gotten in the way, and I spent my free time the last two weeks completely wasting my time. Anyways, there is going to be some drastic changes, but please understand this is a result of the last 3 races. 1. Lawson Peel - No Change

Lawson continues his dominance. We thought we saw a crack in the armor with a speeding penalty at Las Vegas under green flag pit stops, but he followed it up with a 3rd place at Talladega and a win at Pocono to regain his points lead.

2. Eric Schaffer - No Change

Schaffer had the points lead for a blink of the eye after Peel's penalty. The top two spots in these Power Rankings really relies on who is going to slip up first, as both drivers are evenly matched. If they keep this up, we could see a very interesting battle for the championship.

3. Luke Knupp - No Change

Luke Knupp has been extremely impressive in his rookie campaign. If it wasn't for an incident out of his control at Talladega, there is a possibility he would be toe to toe with Peel and Schaffer in points. If you consider the fact he missed Auto Club, the argument could be made that he might be our points leader.

4. Ethan Fonseca Moreno - Last Week: 9

Rounding out what appears to be this season's Big 4 is Ethan Fonseca Moreno. The second rookie driver in BBR's three headed monster, Ethan has quietly been having a rookie season comparable to Colin Forrester in Season 3. His only slip up this season was at Nashville. Other than that, Moreno hasn't been outside of the top 6.

5. Kyle Benson - Last Week: 8

If we take a speeding penalty at Pocono out of the equation, Benson has been one of the top 4 drivers these past three weeks. Climbing 10 spots in the points to put himself safely inside the top 12, Benson looks to be turning it on finally.

6. Brandon Banks - Last Week: 4

It is a crazy thing to think that the winner at Talladega drops two spots a race later, but it is more about what the two driver's who passed him have done, not as much about Banks. Brandon is still performing at an elite level, and it was a very hard decision to push him down to 6th. Everyone from 4th-8th is extremely tight in performance, and missing Pocono may have hurt Banks a little.

7. TJ Burske - Last Week: Unranked

Burske has been a hit or miss all season. Either he is fighting inside the top 5, or he isn't finishing the race. If he can keep his car in one piece and avoid mistakes, TJ could be a sleeper for the championship.

8. Austin Reedy - Last Week: Unranked

Mr. Blinky makes his first appearance of the season. He has had the benefit of some long green flag runs which has kept the admins off his back with the internet connection problems, which has helped him slowly climb through the field and avoid the trouble areas. He is an alien waiting to pounce, all he needs is a steady connection and he is a factor.

9. Tyler Murray - Last Week: 7

I'm still fucking here. No idea how I am stumbling into the results I am, but the consistency of the 36 car in the race results has been enough to keep me in the top 5 in points. Do I think this is sustainable? Absolutely not. But hey, we're having fun with it and hoping enough can be done to keep the car in the top 12 in points come the regular season end.

10. Ryan Pandiscio - Last Week: Unranked

The driver of the SKYBOX's #63 Toyota has quietly been one of the more consistent driver's this season. Ryan is another rookie driver who has been extremely impressive, and he has been keeping himself out of trouble. If it wasn't for the Martians over at BBR, Pandiscio would more than likely be the favorite for rookie of the year.


#6 Michael Newbraugh #14 Jeff Noe

#13 Craig Lautenslager

#48 AJ Green

#0 Jesse Pries

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