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Power Rankings - Indianapolis

Wah wah wah, we want Power Rankings. Fine. 1. Eric Schaffer - No Change

Eric hasn't let up in his stranglehold of the 4 Wide Racing League this season. A 13th at Darlington was uncharacteristic for Schaff, but he followed it up with a 3rd at Kansas, a win at IRP, and a 2nd place this week at Indianapolis. The doubters are now all gone, and everyone is looking at Schaffer as the potential favorite going into the playoffs.

2. Lawson Peel - No Change

Lawson Peel says no to Schaffer being the favorite. The driver of the X Camaro is getting hot at the right time, with two wins in the last 3 races. He may be the reason the broadcaster's interviews go so long, but Longwinded Lawson himself is quietly chasing down his own record of 7 wins in a season, which he has hit twice. Can he do something else for the second time and become the first repeat champion?

3. Ethan Fonseca Moreno - No Change

Who the hell is the driver of the 21? Well, its Ethan Fonseca Moreno, who came up 3rd for the 2nd week in a row after the trip to Indy. Moreno has the speed to contend week in and week out, but has just gotten caught out by strategy a few times. Still, averaging a top 5 finish and being locked into the playoffs 3 weeks early is never a bad thing. We will see how hungry he is next week in the Lonestar state.

4. Luke Knupp - No Change

I don't have a picture for Luke because I wasn't opening up another replay file just to screenshot one car. The fact that Knupp is still up here after forgetting to return from the winter break is a direct correlation to how he was driving in the first half of the season. Don't be surprised if the 45 car comes back with a vengeance and racks off at least one more win before the playoffs.

5. AJ Green - No Change

To be completely honest, I couldn't tell you very much about AJ Green's season. He is quietly being consistent, and that has him sitting pretty looking into the playoffs. The real question here, can AJ get his 48 car to victory lane once again?

6. Kyle Benson - No Change

I messed up his screenshot, so get wrecked nerd. The author of hack news and the should be author of the race recaps *cough*, he manages to take himself out of better finishes. I sound like a broken record, but as soon as he rips together a few races of finishing where he should, Young Benson will manage to be a threat in the standings.

7. Brandon Banks - No Change

In the last 4 weeks, Banks has either finished 7th or 11th. Is he teasing a potential sponsorship by the convenience store chain 7/11? Probably not, but we're here for the rumors. Banksy is the next driver with a chance to lock himself into the playoffs, lets see if he accomplishes that at Texas!

8. Jayden Porter - No Change

Like his fellow Past Champion AJ Green, Jayden Porter is quietly having an average season. While he hasn't won yet, the 28 car is almost always running inside the top 10 after a slow start to the season. He is another driver who is looking to recapture some magic and get back to victory lane.

9. Colin Forrester - No Change

Bad luck at Darlington and Indianapolis, and a missed start at IRP, have really put a sour taste in Forrester's mouth as he tries to climb his way into playoff positioning. He still has a ridiculous amount of speed, but like Kyle Benson, hasn't been finishing where he runs. 50 points back from the playoff cutline is a tall task with 3 races left, but there is always a chance with the 99 car. Hell, he might rip off a win or two in the last 3 races and claim one of the wildcard spots. Only time will tell.

10. Scott Healy - Previously UNRANKED

For the first time this season, the S2 Champion Scott Healy has put himself over the 65% start rate requirement and climbs into the Power Rankings. Everyone knows Scott has speed, but a handful of missed starts earlier in the season have dampened his chances of capturing another championship. If he makes it in, he could be a threat. Keep an eye on the 64 Camaro, and let me know if you find his proper windshield banner so we can return it to him.


11. Trevor Haley - Lost 1

12. Adam Aleshire

13. Craig Lautenslager - Gained 2

14. Jesse Pries - Lost 1

15. Ryan Pandiscio - Lost 1

16. Lance Hill - Gained 2

17. Tyler Murray

18. Tony Kivett - Lost 2

19. Wyatt Brackett

20. Kevin Delia

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