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Lawson Peel stunk up the field at Pocono for Win #2 in the young season, becoming the first multi-time winner.

Lawson did have some competition though. Ethan Moreno, TJ Burske and Dane Kruse, kept Peel honest all race but a TI-84 style pit call for Peel would keep him out front and win.

Podium Finish: 1st. Lawson Peel, 2nd Luke Knupp, P3 Dane Kruse

Even though I talk about the winners mainly, some impressive finishes happened for these drivers.

P3. Dane Kruse (1st Start)

P9. Patrick Thomson

P11 CJ. Meunier

P14. Tyler Murray

P15 Chris Bishop

P17 Stan Carnathan (1st Start)

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