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Lawson Completes the DBR Sweep

For the second night in a row, the racing was.... interesting. 34 drivers started the race, and boy was this track tricky. Drivers took a few laps to get their tires under them, and an almost 40 lap run came to follow. At about lap 100, the caution came back out, and #12 Lawson Peel reassumed the lead. His closest competition all night was #55 Joe Sanchez #10 Kyle Benson. At the end of the day, Drinkin' Bros Racing managed to pull their 2nd podium sweep in a row, with Peel winning, followed by Sanchez, #93 Cody Kinsey, Kyle Benson, and #0 Jesse Pries. Next week's race will be at Auto Club, where it can be guaranteed the racing will be better.

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