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Indianapolis Recap

Before the race even started, a checkup on the outside lane cleaned out multiple drivers, including 7 David Brackett, 9 Brandon Gillis, 34 Austin Reedy, and 77 Daniel Moore. Once the race got under way, a long green flag ensued, with the leaders pulling away from the field.

Many drivers found trouble with old tires on the longer run, bouncing their cars off the outside wall and impacting their finishing positions.

Coming to the second round of green flag pitstops, the field was split on two differing strategies. One group was committed to 3 total pitstops, while a smaller group was trying to save the fuel to make the race on two pit stops. This bit 54 Brandon Banks, as he began running out of fuel coming to his planned final stop of the day. The Reese's machine locked the brakes, and spun out onto the track, bringing out the race's first yellow flag on lap 55. Banks would need the help of safety crews to bring his car back to pit road. On the ensuing restart, contact by 91 Adam Aleshire and 4 Trevor Haley resulted in a large crash in between turns 1 and 2, resulting in 1 Lance Hill having a hellacious flip across the track. This incident also caught up 10 Wyatt Brackett, 13 Craig Lautenslager, 89 CJ Meunier.

The race would resume, but not for long as 99 Colin Forrester tried to slide in line behind 3 Eric Schaffer coming out of turn 4, but 64 Scott Healy was there and wound up turning Forrester across the track.

The caution flag would not come out again until 3 to go, as contact between 91 Adam Aleshire and 4 Trevor Haley occurred again, as Aleshire hit the wall at the exit of turn 3 after contact from Haley, and then the 91 car came back and hooked the 4 car across the track. On the first GWC attempt, 42 Chris Bishop gets hit by 28 Jayden Porter who was on fresher tires. Bishop has a terrible hit into the turn 1 wall, and came back down with two broken wheels in front of the rest of the field. Other drivers involved were 6 Michael Newbraugh, 8 Mikey Neal, 9 Brandon Gillis, 36 Tyler Murray, and 89 CJ Meunier. The last restart of the night saw 12 Lawson Peel pull a gap on 3 Eric Schaffer, as both drivers skated away for an easy DBR 1-2 finish. 21 Ethan Fonseca Moreno restarted in 3rd, and held off 3 wide charges by 98 Brandon Hawkin, 64 Scott Healy, and 48 AJ Green to finish 3rd.

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