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Bronco Motorsports stretch the fuel to go 1-2

The new superspeedway package really played a toll on tonight's race. After a hectic start to the race, the drivers of the Cup Series decided to start running single file. There were no caution laps the second half of the race, and that caused strategy to come into play. The BigFASS Racing team was running 1st-4th, with #8 Tyler Murray, #14 Roman Long, #33 Tyler Werner, and #4 Kyle Benson all in a line. Tagging on the back of them was the Bronco Motorsports team of #85 Brad Herman, #86 Tristen Bailey, and #83 Chris Massey. Massey was the first of the group to come back down pit road, and cycled back onto the end of the lead group, although he was 1 lap down. With 13 to go, the BigFASS cars came down to top off on fuel. At this point, Massey got out in front of his other two teammates and the 85 and 86 went into major fuel conservation. The BigFASS Racing team was catching the Bronco group rapidly after their pit stop, but just didn't have enough time, as Herman and Bailey stretched the fuel run 3 laps longer and held on for the 1-2 finish!

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